Peeping Thomas

In a Chemical World, it is very cheap.

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Blur”. I’m posting a little drawing I did last week for this topic, as the title was taken from a line from a Blur song (“Chemical World”). Maybe this is a stretch, but I believe my previous 2 Illustration Friday entries were also a stretch. If I get around to doing another, more spot-on interpretation, I’ll post that before the week’s end. How’s that?

I wish I had thought to use green for the girl’s wallpaper, rather than the bright pink I used. It would have really popped. There even were some green colored pencils around, but I just didn’t think to use them because I didn’t have my blender. Oh well. I didn’t do this at home, and my supplies were limited.

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And now for a quick plug, this drawing was done in The Storyboard Book, which is a great little product made from a friend of mine. I post about it in my my previous post. Take a look, order a few, have some fun.

And now, as a special treat, the video for “Chemical World” by Blur.