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fat seagull

"don't call me fat."

"don't call me fat."

His feet were not chopped off. he was standing behind a little sand mound. Then he flew away.


Holiday Weekend Decompression and the subsequent wrap-up.

atlantic ocean as seen from the beach in montauk

atlantic ocean as seen from the beach in montauk

Some friends invited me to crash on the couch at their weekend retreat beach house in Montauk this weekend. I took them up on it with zero hesitation. I didn’t do as much sketching as I’d have liked while I was there, but I was also maxin’ and relaxin’. Its difficult to sketch with a drink in your hand at all times.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I haven’t been producing as much output as I’d like. And I’m not exactly happy with what I have been making, so it’s been quiet here. I’ve moved operations to a new address in uber-exclusive Bushwick, Brooklyn. Actually, to be totally imprecise, I’m not quite in Williamsburg, not quite in Bushwick. I’ve been spending time setting up shop and home.

Sadly, shortly after I moved, my cat (Cojo) was put down, after having battled diabetes for 2 years. I was sad and kept busy with busywork for some time, and now after my weekend getaway I feel refreshed and excited to work on a few new projects.

Besides the usual, I’m also currently in the early stages of a collaborative video project with a friend. We’ve both been a bit preoccupied lately, so we haven’t been meeting as often as we’d like. I’ll disclose more when there’s more to disclose.

As ever, decorating my apartment and studio is a work in progress. I’ve done a gloriously sloppy job of painting my bedroom/workspace, and am looking forward to doing the same in the living room.

Also, as ever, I have a couple of sewing projects at the back of my head. I kind of feel like I need to pick up a knitting or crocheting project, as well. or at the very least make a dress that has handknit details. One of my ideas will require going off-pattern and luckily, I have a friend I can consult with about it.

I think that about wraps up my wrap-up. I have a pile of crapyrus photos, and upcoming sketches and projects post. Those should be going up pretty soon. Thanks for not deleting me from your RSS.