My friend, the lovely Corin, hosts a friendly Project Night on Wednesdays during the non-summer seasons. This is a great event if you have projects that need work but can be done on autopilot (for instance, I have a bag of yarn that needs to be balled in anticipation of being knit, among many other things).

The Storyboard Book

Just one of 5,386,290,589 uses for these little notebooks.

Corin is also half the brainchild of The Storyboard Book. The other half of the is design wunderkind Salah. The Storyboard Book is a great little notebook, 35 pages, with gridded pages and an inset frame at a 16:9 ratio, perfect for storyboarding projects. These are very handy little notebooks, highly portable, and perfect for planning your projects and passing them off to your collaborators, peers, and partners. At last week’s Project Night, Corin asked all of us in attendance to fill up a 2-page spread in one of the books so she could photograph them as examples of uses of the books. Then she gifted us with the books we worked in.

Since the title of this little drawing is directly lifted from a Blur Song (“Chemical World”), can/should I submit it as this week’s Illustration Friday entry? The theme this week is “Blur”. Or is that cheating and/or too much of a stretch?

The Storyboard Book
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