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Nikoel & Terry’s Wedding Website

Nikoel and Terry’s wedding website, with custom illustrations of the lovely pair. This website was a lot of fun to put together, plus I learned a bit more about css and javascript. Not bad, not bad.

splash screen

website main page

The all of the illustrated elements from the website were custom drawn for this project (though I’ll probably recycle that wooden frame for other projects down the line), the Stargazer lilies are actually the same illustration repeated, resized, and rotated to look like a cluster. can you tell? I drew it last fall for her save-the-dates.

Stevens-Jouper Family Portrait

I used ink and watercolor for everything, and added a graphite shadow to keep the figures grounded on the screen. I drew all the elements separately, removed the solid backgrounds in photoshop, and then digitally stitched it together in illustrator, so this composition is actually a digital collage.

Brooklyn Roofdeck

The weather in Brooklyn has been awesome these past few days. 70F days with full sunshine. My gardening brother-in-law has graciously donated the containers from his old roof garden to my new roof garden, because he now has a house with a yard and can plant into the actual ground. He also gave me some raspberry bush clippings, some potting mix, and a trowel. I went to work last sunday planting some spinach, mesclun mix, and pea plants. I also put the raspberry cuttings into soil. I noticed some of the mesclun greens are sprouting, and the raspberry bush is growing new leaves, so it looks like things are under way out there. As for my baby seedlings, I have at least one specimen of everything I’ve planted, except for the Tabasco peppers. Some of the seedlings have bent stems or look otherwise wimpy and sad… but a few of the babies are looking very good! I took some time today to put more seeds into the pods that aren’t sprouting. We’ll see what happens next. Admittedly, I’m a bit over-obsessive about these seedlings. I peep and poke at them every chance I get, which is a lot because I work from home. If these seedlings were people, they’d end up like Buster Bluth.

Buster Bluth

I’m going home to Seattle to visit my family and some friends this week. My friend is going to be garden-sitting while I’m gone. Maybe the plants will flourish in the absence of my smothering and obsessive greenthumby hands. Let’s keep those fingers crossed.


A seed grows in Brooklyn.

Grow my delicious little seedlings! I want to make salsa fresca!

Well, hopefully seeds will grow. After having lived in Brooklyn for five and a half years, I am finally about to put down some roots. Literally. I got myself a seed starter kit and a lot of seeds. I have to sprout some of the seeds indoors for 6-8 weeks before I can plant them in the ground, and it came time to get my hands dirty. Today I sowed the seeds for 4 varieties of heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Mr. Stripey, Brandywine Red, Green Zebra), 4 varieties of hot peppers (jalapeno, habanero, chili, and tabasco), and eggplant (Black Beauty). I also want to do some peas, spinach, mesclun greens, and strawberries. These are things I can plant directly outside. I also want to have a good fresh herb garden that I can keep indoors all year round. Perhaps some flowers… I want variety, but I also don’t want to be overwhelmed. I’ve never gardened and am notoriously bad at keeping houseplants.

The Magical Tammybeast turns 30

In other powkang news, my dear friend Tammy is turning 30 in two weeks. Marci and I have organized a party, which consists of an intimate dinner and a night out drinking. Part of the procedure was making a little party flier. The image of Tammy with antlers made more sense when the venue for this soiree was Northeast Kingdom in Bushwick. However, that location was vetoed for being far away from everyone invited (except for Tammy and I). I was going to remove the antlers, but the antlers are what makes the drawing, I think. So the antlers stayed. I’m happy with how it looks, especially on the scanned piece of wood.

Autumn In New York

Things have been fairly dull and slow on the creative front around the International House of Powkang these past couple of months, but I do have 2 things I want to share. In both instances, the clients have been very good friends of mine and great to work with.

Save The Date postcard, Front

Stargazer Lily

Save The Date postcard, Back

Event Information

Nikoel, one of my BFFs, is getting hitched next summer to her soul mate Terry. They are on a tight budget, so I offered to do design work for the event pro bono. This began with the save-the-dates. After some problems with the originally chosen image (low resolution) and dissatisfaction with all the other photographs we found, I finally offered to either go to the flower district, pick out a stargazer lily and photograph it myself, or just draw the flower. We went the illustration route. This not only solved the image resolution problem, but also laid to rest any issues we’d have with images that might be copyrighted. Then I put together the event information on the back using the colors she chose. The typeface I used was Chalet by House Industries. I showed this typeface to her about 2 years ago, and she told me she wanted to use them on her future wedding invitations. Yes, my Rain Man-esque memory really remembers this sort of thing.

More design elements from her wedding to come.

In other news, I was commissioned to make a title banner for my good friend’s blog. She has been chronicling her thoughts of and life with Multiple Sclerosis at Tingly Feeling. She is a wonderful writer, and her blog is informative for people like me who are ignorant of this disease, and provides support for herself and others who suffer from it. I also learned a bit about her condition during the creative process, as I did some research for reference. She wanted an illustrated nerve strand with damaged myelin sheaths. I know, right? Huh?

Damaged Myelin Sheath

Nerve Strand, Ink and Watercolor

The finished banner can be found on the blog itself, and just because I’m vain I will link to the post where she praises my work and includes a picture of me.

fat seagull

"don't call me fat."

"don't call me fat."

His feet were not chopped off. he was standing behind a little sand mound. Then he flew away.

something else to neglect…

As if I didn’t have enough online presence to keep track of, I decided to start generating content for my tumblr (which heretofore only had one post, which was a link to this WordPress blog).  It will solely be sketches made in public while people-watching and listening to my ipod. I’m hoping it will generate traffic to this blog, and my website. I haven’t yet decided if I want to x-post everything there here, but I probably will for the time being.

[via: tumblr]

Literal Art Projects, Part 2

Le Pen, drawn with Le Pen

Le Pen, drawn with Le Pen

Last weekend, I decided that my fine point black markers are too harsh for some projects, and thought I should invest in some of my favored pens in gray.  I like the Faber Castell brand of markers, and while they had some in gray at the Utrecht, I couldn’t find anything in a fine tip point.  There was a pretty cool set of brush tip markers in various shades of gray.  Great, except that I am not a fan of brush tip markers.  They’re really cool and everything, but I like a good, solid, thin line.  They did, however, have some other fine point pens in various colors for really cheap ($1.15 or something), so I got one of those in gray.  They are called “Le Pen”, and just like it says on the barrel, they are “marvy” and from Japan.  The line is great, until I come stomping in with my waterbrush pen and watercolor.  This is not permanent ink.  It gets all blurry and blendy.  Le Pen = Le Sigh.  I actually like this effect, if I can control the water enough to keep my lines from completely disappearing.  I just know that someday I will also want some gray lines that will stay put.  Especially since I can’t seem to keep watercolor away from anything I touch anymore.

Anyways, just like I painted the ocean with water from the ocean, I drew a picture of this pen with the pen itself.  After I had my way with the waterbrush pen, I went back and re-inked the lines.  Maybe I’ll just have to get used to that.  Or maybe I need to go to (gulp) Pearl.  Or some other kind of super pen emporium.

Holiday Weekend Decompression and the subsequent wrap-up.

atlantic ocean as seen from the beach in montauk

atlantic ocean as seen from the beach in montauk

Some friends invited me to crash on the couch at their weekend retreat beach house in Montauk this weekend. I took them up on it with zero hesitation. I didn’t do as much sketching as I’d have liked while I was there, but I was also maxin’ and relaxin’. Its difficult to sketch with a drink in your hand at all times.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I haven’t been producing as much output as I’d like. And I’m not exactly happy with what I have been making, so it’s been quiet here. I’ve moved operations to a new address in uber-exclusive Bushwick, Brooklyn. Actually, to be totally imprecise, I’m not quite in Williamsburg, not quite in Bushwick. I’ve been spending time setting up shop and home.

Sadly, shortly after I moved, my cat (Cojo) was put down, after having battled diabetes for 2 years. I was sad and kept busy with busywork for some time, and now after my weekend getaway I feel refreshed and excited to work on a few new projects.

Besides the usual, I’m also currently in the early stages of a collaborative video project with a friend. We’ve both been a bit preoccupied lately, so we haven’t been meeting as often as we’d like. I’ll disclose more when there’s more to disclose.

As ever, decorating my apartment and studio is a work in progress. I’ve done a gloriously sloppy job of painting my bedroom/workspace, and am looking forward to doing the same in the living room.

Also, as ever, I have a couple of sewing projects at the back of my head. I kind of feel like I need to pick up a knitting or crocheting project, as well. or at the very least make a dress that has handknit details. One of my ideas will require going off-pattern and luckily, I have a friend I can consult with about it.

I think that about wraps up my wrap-up. I have a pile of crapyrus photos, and upcoming sketches and projects post. Those should be going up pretty soon. Thanks for not deleting me from your RSS.